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Quality System

CastleKare has incorporated into our program a quality control inspection system. We employ an Inspection Manager who conducts quality audits in all the facilities we service on a regular basis.

To accomplish the results we want of 0 complaints. We track and monitor customer satisfaction through the use of regularly scheduled visits to our accounts and a scoring system that we share with our customers.  Many times these visits are unannounced to our employees both during their working hours and also while they are not present. Our customers may or may not accompany us on our inspection visits depending on their time and schedules.  All of our customers receive a report of our inspection findings.  Soon, our plans include software that will allow for a customer portal in which our customers may contact us for updates and to view their inspection reports. 

The Key is to Provide Consistency by Providing Accountability

Standardized Inspection Fast, Accurate Input

Deficiency (Understanding Expectations)

Complaint Tracking

Identification of Project Work

Spot Trends, Identify Issues

Quality System: About
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