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Commercial Cleaning

Our commercial cleaning and janitorial services include:

  • Sweeping floors every night and mopping as needed.

  • Waxing and buffing floors on a set schedule or more often, if needed.

  • Collecting all the trash that accumulates in and around trash cans.

  • Cleaning the break room and/or lunch room.

  • Dusting light fixtures and bulbs change as needed.

  • Cleaning public and office-only restrooms, disinfected and supplied with the necessary paper products and soap. The mirrors have to be streak free.

  • Chairs are pushed into the proper place and desks are dusted.

  • Cleaning  windows and doors regularly.

  • Sweep or vacuum stairs and elevators.

  • Clean-up any spills and shampoo carpets as needed.

Whether you require daily, weekly or monthly cleaning services or just a one-time cleaning, let us customize a cleaning service program to suit your individual needs.

Commercial Cleaning: Services
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